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Send us an email to request your PCI system design quotation. Make sure to include as much information as possible to ensure an accurate quote. Once a request is received by us, an engineer will contact you with a quote and/or any specific design needs. Standard manufacturing cycles are 4-8* weeks and begin once the customer has provided an initial down payment.

*Our shortest manufacturing cycle will be 4 weeks, but due to shortages in component supplies, we have seen this time frame extend beyond the normal 4 weeks. Please take this into account when making your request.



With over seven years of experience manufacturing and testing PCI instruments, we will try our best to build the tool to suit your needs. As an affiliate of Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions (, we are commonly manufacturing the PCI-03 model which utilizes a 2"x2"x2" motorized scanning stage for three-dimensional resolution, probe wavelengths in the visible and IR for testing varied substrates, a set of matching optics for one pump wavelength, necessary third-party electronics (lock-in amplifier, optical chopper, and PC with data acquisition software), and calibration standards.

Available upgrades to the PCI-03 are:

  • Motorized imaging unit

  • Motorized polarization optics

  • Optics for unlimited additional pump wavelengths

  • Reflection attachment for optics not transparent at probe wavelength



Whether on-site or remote, our experienced installation technician will help guide you through the unpacking, re-assembly, alignment, and calibration procedures. We aim to provide easy-to-understand instructions and have flexible availability to help your team become accustomed with the PCI instrument.

Virtual support and on-site visits are not limited to new PCI systems, but also include past PCI systems that require tuning, wavelength additions, or other adjustments.

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