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Fill out the fields below to request absorption test. Make sure to include as much information as possible to ensure an accurate quote. Once a request is received by us, an engineer will contact you with a quote and proposed schedule to complete measurements. Please allow 3-5 business days after samples have arrived in our lab* to receive results, Expedite requests for work to be completed within a 48-hour window are available for a fee, and will be reflected on your quotation.

*This is our normal turn-around period for standard samples. This may change due to type of tests desired, material and quantity of samples to be tested, or current work load.



Utilizing Photo-thermal Commonpath Interferometry technology developed by Alexei Alexandrovski and Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions (, we make complete absorption characterization of your samples.

Whether it's surface coatings or bulk substrates, we can measure with resolution down to 10ppb* and 0.1ppm/cm* respectively. Our current lab set-up allows us to test at the following wavelengths as the incoming pump source:

1064nm**, 830nm, 785nm**, 690nm, 532nm**, and 405nm**

*Sensitivity is linearly dependent on incoming pump power. Currently, only our 1064nm source can achieve this sensitivity. Other sources are between 0.1-10ppm for surfaces, and 1-100ppm/cm for bulk.

**Currently our most popular wavelength choices providing excellent, consistent results.



Our testing engineer will contact you when results are finished. This includes graphic and text data of actual scans, average absorption values for each sample, and any related descriptions of the testing.

For any questions about your results, you may contact Island Interferometry through email where an engineer will assist you in analyzing data.


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